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Welcome to our small business consulting website.

Our mission is to spread entrepreneurship to everyone who is interested in learning how to start a business and wants to avoid the typical start-up mistakes. At the same time we also assist already established business owners to improve, expand and grow their companies.

There is no coincidence as to why you have reached this website, and regardless on how you landed on this page, at some point in time you were looking for answers to a problem.

Coaching and mentoring gives us an often unnoticed value, particularly if we cannot afford to find the solutions we need by trial and error.

Having a small business advisor who is accessible at times when we feel stagnation, gives us the benefit of having someone who has walked in the same shoes before.

In short, you can access expert knowledge and skill, which at this "time" you do not yet have. Success leaves clues, benefiting from the people who have accomplished the success you seek, just makes sense.

Regardless of where you stand in your career as an entrepreneur, you will find the answers here. The website is structured in a way where you can access the information organized.

Whether you are a newcomer or experienced business owner, be reminded that for whatever problem or challenge you might face, somebody has been there before and found a way to push through.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel or find all the answers yourself. As the matter of fact, oftentimes people think too complexly and loose sight of the obvious. Small business consulting can help you focus on the things which matter most and find the answers to make educated decisions.

We encourage you to take some time and read the articles in the blog section, accessible to your right or Small Business Consultingin the top menu. You will find this material to be written not by random editorial writers but by successful business men and women who share their unique opinions and experiences.

We encourage you to comment on the articles, ask questions and if you wish, to use our business coaching services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

Our boutique consulting firms program's suit any level of experience. 

We start a strategy session with you from scratch or create an analysis of where you are at in your existing business. We then evaluate which areas you want or need to improve.

Our classes are scheduled conveniently online, over Skype or via phone conference. This allows you the out-most flexibility and gives you the ability to plan in accordance to your budget.

We believe in our capability to guide you through the challenges you face, your success will be our success. Yet, eighty percent of your achievement; will depend on your inner communication and the way you perceive events which happen around you.

The better your ability to not be effected by frustration, negativity, fear and other distracting emotions, the higher and faster your rate of success will be.

The team of Small Business Consulting Group is looking forward to working with you. We are extremely excited to meet you and we are sure no matter where you start, success is within you.



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