The Power of Internet Marketing

August 12, 2013 | By More

The Power of Internet Marketing

Times have changed we do not live in the industrial time period anymore; we do live in an age of information and knowledge. The average person nowadays will receive more information in a week than a person in the eighteen hundreds in their whole lifetime. This occurs mainly through the ever developing media and the World Wide Web.

While information overflow can be overwhelming for many, it does have a significant effect on the way business is being done. We can have access to information just through searching the internet for specific information we are interested in. Companies who master how to market on the internet have gained significant market shares utilizing this medium.


Amazon, Ebay, to name a few internet only retailers, as well as many larger corporations have spent millions in marketing dollars on the internet to be found for what we are looking for. The internet has changed the whole game of marketing, for the first time we are able to reach our potential clientele globally in a significant shorter time period.

As a small business you can too take advantage of marketing your products or services on the internet. Here are some ideas on how to approach that.


  1. Create a blog

Create a blog and start blogging daily, this is very important, because people are looking for information nowadays, the search engines are looking for fresh content and will give you better rankings. Search engines measure how long people stay on your page and how they engage in social media with you. A blog is a very affordable way to market your products and services online, just keep in mind be consistent and blog daily.


  1. Market daily

    The same as with your blog you need to get your marketing message out daily. Use paid ads or free advertising. Social media as well as craigslist and some other services allow us to place free ads. Do some research on it post to relevant pages.


  2. Create Sales Funnels

    A sales funnel is to create content on your blog in order to lead the customer to want more information; however, before the information are given, the person has to enter his / her email address in order to get access. This is done by lead capture pages, or squeeze pages. At this time you will have the name and the email address of a new potential client. The lead capture pages are connected to an email auto responder program in which you can set up a series of follow up emails. All that can be arranged that it will work automatically. Your sales funnel has been created. You can use multiple different strategies and different funnels at the same time.





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