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Dan Wilson is the founder of Small Business Consulting Group, he is an established business expert, self-starter and entrepreneur with a proven track record of successfully building, structuring and growing companies with global presence for 15+ years.

A skilled professional and accomplished orchestrator in business planning, international marketing infiltration and integration of key success factors.

He is a result driven achiever, with an engaging and personable attitude. An Experienced business consultant with systemized approach to improve corporate performance.

Motivational and inspirational coach, navigating individuals and businesses through the natural occurring frustrations of the working environment.

Our promise to you is that no matter where you are currently standing in your career as an entrepreneur, we will make sure to customize a plan for you which leads to success.

In today’s economy it is easy to get lost in the day to day activities of your business. However in order for you to establish yourself as a sustaining enterprise you need to work on your business rather than in your business.

A coach can help you to evaluate your situation properly and give you valuable tips and implementation strategies in order for you to free your time and expand your company. 

Once this is accomplished we are focusing on your company’s growth through the evaluation of your marketing strategy, lead generation technics, lead conversion, margins and profits. Slight adjustments and implementation of proven systems as well as one on one coaching sessions completes our consulting approach.

Additionally we do specialize in personal performance improvement and dealings with the natural occurring frustrations of the daily business activities.

Constant tension can lead not only to dissatisfaction and an increased level of pressure in the work environment, but can also cause serious health issues.  Learning how to deal with your own emotional state and the constant stress of your business is vital for the entrepreneur.

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To your success, we know you have it within you



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