Make failure your friend

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I say that because most people are afraid of failure and associate something negative with the thought of possibly not achieving their dreams.  

This nagging feeling and this inner voice of “what if it does not work out”, the emotional distraction coming from limited believe or failure of the past, just paralyze people to ever try again. But what if we can make failure a friend ? A Mentor to learn from, somebody we can see as a teacher? Because that is what every successful person does. Being successful does not mean that you never failed before, it just means that you tried more often than anybody else and that you have succeeded were others have given up.

Failure is also a perspective and how we individually look at it. It has to do with the attitude you have and in as so much you allow a failure to affect you. Thomas Edison when asked how it felt for him to fail 999 times to invent the light bulb responded “I did not fail, I just found 999 ways not to invent the light bulb” This is a very famous saying and one of the things we should be aware of when dealing with our own fear of failure.

Feelings are a guidance system and if you are fearful of failure than you simply think the wrong thoughts. You have allowed yourself to focus on the negative and possibly worst case situation. Whatever you will focus on or pay your attention to will increase.

While it is intelligent to be aware of difficulties and challenges, it is not smart to be consumed by the thought of failing just because we have not succeeded with something before. Every day is a new chance to learn from our problems and mistakes, every day is another chance to change your thoughts and make failure your ally.

What if it works out this time? What if you just concentrate on that thought? What if you just focus your whole attention on the possibility of succeeding? What would happen if you start seeing your past failures as a mentor, a supporter, a friend guiding you through some raff patches? Combine this with the unwavering faith of the success you envision and see how that would make you feel.

Even though you might think this is all a big “BS” what I was just writing, just the fact that it feels much better to see yourself succeed should encourage you to try.

Perception and the meaning you give to the word failure is just up to you and your attitude! Whether you say you can or you cannot, you are right!

You see how you could change your feelings of fear into something neutral? Failure has so many definitions and requires so many different circumstances, that no experience will be the same, unless you constantly keep thinking the way you do.

Likely the difference between a mayor success or complete disaster is not even so far apart from each other. There are many ways to avoid possible failure, just by doing market research and develop a good plan to run your business with proper financing in place.

Stay a lifelong learner, have a positive attitude, plan for your success, believe in it, expect it, make possible failure a friend and never ever give up on your dreams. Success than is just a question of time!

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