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Ha! This is a killer article topic and I am convinced that one of the reasons people do not start a business is because they find that they do not have enough money to do it. No money to support themselves, no money to invest and no money they can spend extra to establish a business.

Let me tell you something! In a perfect world we have tons of money and we would not even have to think twice if we even want to go into business. People start businesses for two reasons, inspiration or desperation.

So if you are inspired to start your own business, than you probably have a dream an idea, you think about it you talk about it, you believe in it and regardless if you have money or not, mysteriously doors are opening, the right people cross your way and somehow, almost with ease, your business idea starts to take form. You write a plan, take action and things start to grow. You review and correct, you consistently work on your business day in and day out and it grows. Similar to a little tree you plant, you pour water, let the sun shine on it, nurture it and give it time to become big. The tree does this growth process effortless and the same applies to your business.

Now if you are in a state of desperation, because you seem to have no other choice, you will find much more excuses why things will not work out and by thinking wrongfully you will fulfill that destiny as well.

Fear is the primary feeling of your being, fear of not having enough money, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being loved and so on. You will remain desperate and you will continue to find excuses, just by continuing thinking and feeling lack. No matter how many hours you work, if you do not believe in yourself, if you do not have faith, building a business becomes much, much harder.

Feeling fear or having faith is a choice. Fear will make you feel terrible, will choke and congest you while faith and believe will open you up and connect you to the field of all possibilities. Choose to believe, train yourself to have faith, imagine the lifestyle you want, make it real in your mind and watch the miracles happen.

There are many business opportunities which require little or no money to start. All which is required of you is the commitment to work on your business every day. Start with finding what you are passionate about, find your purpose, if you are not clear about it then decide what your purpose is for now. Ask yourself the question, what can I do better than others? What are my talents? What do I like to do the whole day without effort? Find the pattern, see were you always had an advantage compared to others and most importantly attack fear, move forward regardless and progress will be the only result.


  1. Internet Marketing / Blogging

    The internet is free, you can even build webpages for free and have instant exposure to the whole world. Look into web 2.0 sites like squido and hub pages, write articles and take benefit of their advertising sharing program, sell your passion through amazon and start producing income. Signup is absolutely free and there are tons of reviews of real people who are making money this way and even completely replaced their 9 to 5 job. Initial cost $0 USD


  2. Real Estate Agent / Insurance Agent

    Becoming a Real Estate Agent or Insurance Agent are very high potential income opportunities and have produced millions of full time careers. You determine the limit of your income and the amount of hours you want to work. This businesses requires a license, initial cost about $600 USD


  3. Network Marketing

    As much as this is called MLM or pyramid scheme or scam or whatever you want to call it. People like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet would not give their name and endorse this kind of business if there would not be a legitimate reason to do so. If done the right way and taught the right way, than network marketing is a low cost start up business with high potential income.

You can find companies in almost every industry, health care, technology, coffee, travel, eCommerce and many others. Cost to start is anywhere from $25 to $2000 likely a small monthly fee. Do your research, get trained well by people who do this successfully, do not listen to the drop outs, they dropped out for a reason and they blame the business, not themselves.


  1. Partnership

    Partnerships are a great way to start a business. Oftentimes the people who have great ideas do not have money, but expertise and the willingness to work hard. While many investors who have loads of money do not want to do the hard work and need someone who is committed to succeed. Don’t underestimate your qualities and knowledge, it is equal and can be exchanged for investment money.


  2. Service Industry

    Services offered, like a painting business, handymen, grocery shopping for the elderly, professional cleaning services, security services, courier services, delivery services, pool cleaning, landscaping services and on and on. Your biggest challenge here is marketing yourself and the service you offer to potential clients, start little by little, maybe with flyers which you spread in your neighborhood, be consistent and stay your path, success will come with time and never overnight. Initial cost, less than $500 USD in most cases.


  3. Consulting Business

    Consult people in what you are an expert in. People realize the value of an expert more than ever. Knowledge combined with the application of it is power. Get hired for what you know, people pay for getting a shortcut to what they want. Hiring a consultant saves them time and money. Startup cost less than $500 USD


  4. Event Planning / Wedding Planning

    This is an industry which has exploded in recent years. Restaurants, new developments, new businesses want to take advantage of your network, easier than ever by utilizing social networks.  Drive people you know to a grand opening, you can work on a flat fee or commission, based on the turnover of the event. Specialize in a certain field like wedding planning, become the expert for planning parties and events. Startup cost less than $500 USD


  5. Interior Designer / Stager

    Do you have a good taste for colors, furniture, art and the arrangement for it? Use that talent to get paid. Real Estate Agents utilize Stagers to make a house look more cozy and sellable. Many people do not have the time and expertise to choose the right decoration, furniture and paint for a house or apartment, even developer’s work with interior designers to stage their product for a quicker sale. Startup cost less than $500


  6. Design your own Jewelry

    Are you having fun creating your own jewelry? Why not turning it into a business? If you like to wear your own designed and manufactured jewelry you sure get some sort of feedback on it, don’t you? Sell your creations to them and let them become sales people for your designs as well. Startup cost less than $200 USD


  7. CupCake Business

    Like to bake? Why not experimenting with different cupcakes, they are very easy to produce and give a great variety of taste, forms and decoration. Sell to private parties and corporate events. Invent, create and decorate your cupcakes in a way that adds fun and adventure to them, be different and they will sell like “cupcakes” 😉


There are many more ideas of going into business for yourself, these are just an abstract of the unlimited possibilities, your mind is the limit. Use the above to get inspired, find your own related ideas and passion than turn them into a business.

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