Habits of the Successful Business Men

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Habits of the successful businessmen

Everyone is probably aware of what a habit is, but only a few actually take the time to think and analyze what it really means to have certain habits.

In the business world running on habits can make or break the success of your company.

To define what a habit is stop for a second and think about the things you do during the day which are actually done on autopilot.

For example, getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, pushing the button on your coffee machine.  While you are doing these activities, tons of actions you execute run automatically you do not have to think about them.

You open and close the tooth paste, or take it away, you wash your hair with the same shampoo, you shave, you sort your towels a certain way, comb your hear and so on.

This is you personal routine, your habits which you execute every day in the same way without another thought about them.

You basically trained yourself, or for most of us we have been trained by our social environment, our parents, teachers and roll models  to act in a certain way.

If you have repeated this often enough it becomes a habit. Now even though many habits help us to get things done and move forward, unfortunately there are also habits which do not serve us and hold us back.

We can all relay to those as well, because there are likely easy to identify.  To become clear about this, ask yourself these questions.Success Habits

  1. Does it feel good?
  2. Is it good for me?
  3. Is it good for others?
  4. Does it serve the higher good?

Might sound a little over the top, but this is exactly the way many successful people question their actions, remove unhealthy habits and replace them with the once which serve them better.

Now habits are hard to brake, it is a mental, bio chemistry, kinesthetic function, which is like a computer program, you need to find it and overwrite it.

Like training your body physically, to see results in muscle grow, or lose weight, you need to consistently apply action and train your mind to achieve the desired results.

Now that we have established what a habit is, here are some of them, which work very well and will draw you to success if you can cultivate them.

  1. Be pro-active vs re-active

    Anytime when it happens to you that you just lose your mind, stop for a moment think and ask yourself were these reaction is coming from, eliminate it, change it, overpower it until the new habit is established.

When you are reacting, you are doing nothing else but following your animal instinct, a dog does not have a choice he either runs away or bites, but you can choose what you think, feel and how you ultimately influence the outcome.

That is a pro-active approach which can be cultivated through repetition. It is your choice so you are fully responsible for what happens in your live.


  1. Start with the end in mind

    Anytime you start a goal, begin with the end in mind, make sure you envision exactly the outcome you desire, concentrate all your daily activities around that vision and it will automatically draw you to achieve that desired outcome.


  1. Put first things first

    Ever noticed how easy it is to lose yourself in a routine of doing none productive things and finding excuses not to act on the things which matter most?

Take a street which has a lot of small stones and a few really big rocks. These big rocks represent the most important task of your week, determine what they are and then work on them first before you go over to remove the smaller stones.  

Identifying and setting priorities will make sure that you achieve results. Take massive action, but do it in a planned and organized way.


  1. Think win win

    Whenever you encounter a problem or have a confrontation with another person, think win win, you always will accomplish a better and longer standing outcome when both parties will have a gain.

If there is your way and also another’s person’s way, then there is most likely a third way which both parties can live with, try to identify this path by thinking how can we both benefit?


  1. Listen and understand first before you try to be understood

    Very easy said listen and try to understand the other person’s point of view first before you attempt to make your point.

You will go much further with your relationships if you adapt a habit to listen and hear the other person out.


  1. Synergize

    Work together in a team, many people can accomplish much more than one person alone can, capitalize on others peoples work and other people’s money, put together a great group of masterminds and work with them on duplicating activities which have been proven to cause results.

Repetition is the master of all skills, create a habit to delegate and duplicate.


  1. Take time to recharge your batteries

    Many times you hear you have to give 110% and work hard in order to get what you want, guess what, I rather work smart than working hard.

If you really run on 110% ( which by numerical standards is not possible ) you have a very high possibility that you burn out your body, soul and mind. Working on 80% all the time, but consistently will bring you better results and you still are able to enjoy live.  

Take some time off with a valuable book, go into nature, exercise or have a hobby, but make sure you recharge your batteries and stay sharp.


If you can develop these habits and make them part of your life you will see that they will excel and draw you automatically towards your goals. Make sure you can cultivate them and eliminate any bad habit you can identify.




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  1. support@officento.com' Thomas says:

    Some habits are so hard to brake, even though we are aware of them, we often fall back in the same trap again. I like this Article and webpage, it reminds me on the thinghs I already know and motivates me to make some changes with my own negativity.