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Being in business for yourself has a high possibility of becoming frustrated sooner or later. Frustration is the response to an opposition and the inability to control an outcome, which causes anxiety, anger and an immense amount of stress.

Now you can become frustrated and just throw the towel because nothing works and everything you try does not seem to bring you closer to the desired outcome, or you can take a moment and read this article, because it might help you to deal and understand frustration better and even use it to your advantage.

Take it as a given that if you become frustrated you are probably closer to a breakthrough than you think. Frustration simply means that you have worked hard, that you have done everything right in your opinion, but it did not lead you to the result you wanted. Now you give that circumstance a meaning by labeling it bad, bad equals frustration right?

But what if you would start to change your way of thinking, what would happen if at any given moment when a situation arises you would say, “great I have come a bit closer to my goal”?

It is really that easy, change the meaning you give to an event, correct your wrongful thinking and label the situation differently.

Any emotion is like a guidance system, if a negative feeling, a frustration occurs, than you are thinking in a wrong way about the situation.

Now as easy it may sound to just redirect your thoughts and emotions correctly, it does require training. Training most of us have never enjoyed anywhere, as the matter of fact probably the opposite occurred and it was quite ok to be frustrated at times.


  1. Become aware of frustrating situations

    Oftentimes we do not even notice that our mood starts to sink. That is caused by the fact that we all have been conditioned to react rather than to use the power of our mind to actively overthink a situation before reacting to circumstances.

    Stop for a moment and analyze your thoughts and feelings, switch immediately away from negative thoughts by occupying your mind with solution orientated questions.


  2. Do not forget to eat

    When your blood sugar level is low, depression and frustration is the result of not eating regularly. It happens all the time, just finish this phone call, just one quick email and then I eat. Nothing is easier than planning your day, plan ahead of time and avoid the situations where you are forced to follow somebody else’s schedule. Your brain needs water and sugar in order to function properly, particularly if you have to be concentrated for long periods of times and don’t move. Have little snacks by your side, fruit, raw veggies and nuts are a great energy booster.


  3. Work out regularly

    Your body and mind is a perfect mechanism and it needs maintenance like any other high performance machine. Strengthen your heart, muscles and brain by choosing a fun form of exercise you enjoy. The additional oxygen and elevated heart rate will flush out all toxic stress hormones. You will sleep better, are more relaxed and have a great start for the next day.


  4. Organize your life in compartments

    Having stress at work, coming home and having to deal with personal pressure is oftentimes the cause of feeling overwhelmed. If you train yourself to organize your life into compartments and close any ongoing problem before you start the next task, helps to minimize the potential problem to what it really is without combining everything into a heavy burden. It is often the small bugs adding up to the ultimate annoyance rather than the large problems we cannot solve.


  5. Change the meaning you give to an event

    One of my favorite ways to teach people to deal with stress and frustrations is by simply change the way they look at the event happen to them. Life is all about what we think and the meaning we give to what happens to us. The actual event in almost all cases is not as bad as we perceive it, in fact for someone else it may even be something completely harmless. That is because we all identify things differently and that will mainly be the cause for either feeling frustrated or just acceptance of the situation.


  6. Faith over fear

    Fear and faith are both feelings which require you to imagine which has not happen yet. You can choose if you say, I believe it will work out just fine, or make the decision to imagine the most horrible thing will happen. We can choose our thoughts and the meaning we give to events, everything else is out of our control.

    What does it serve for if we are angry or frustrated? Does it change the situation? No it does not and therefore we can rather hope and stay in faith, at least it will make you feel better and positive vibrations are certainly of better service than any kind of pessimism. When negativity wants to attack, say hello, don’t fight or resist it, but make it clear that you are the master of your own kingdom,  that you decide what you think and feel and no circumstance or person has power over you.


  7. Create harmony in your life

Frustration occurs if we lose control about the outcome and if we don’t feel the level of fulfillment we need to be happy. It is very important to create a balance between work, hobby, family and private time. Even though you might be in the fortunate situation that you choose to work in a job you love, there will be times when you feel overworked and pressure is building up.

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