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Like almost all things in life nothing will come to you if you are not willing to put the effort into it. Now I do not mean you need to work blindly 16 hours a day and then think since you work harder you deserve a larger outcome, it does not work like that. Even though if planned correctly you will work long hours just because you can’t stop.

Creating Success does not only mean you succeedCreate Success financially, but also effectively create harmony physically, intellectually and spiritually all of these things together will make you feel fulfilled or in another word, happy!

I hear a lot of times that people do not find the motivation to act and I have a great understanding for that, since we all have times were life seems to be so upsetting, that we just drag through the day to day activities without any enjoyment. One of the things I find most helpful is always go back to the basics.

Ask yourself what is my talent, what is my greatest desire, what is it I want out of life? Ask yourself these questions make a clear statement and then decide. A decision will set things into motion, that does not mean you will have your dream fulfilled over night, but if you lay the first brick and do that consistently day after day, you will have a wall completed over time.


  1. Decide what you want, what is your dream?

    The most difficult question for many people is to decide what you really want out of life and stick to it. Observe the pattern; is there anything right now what you could do the whole day without any effort? Something what you do better than anybody else? Everybody has a certain talent a gift, even though you might not be aware of it yet.

    If you are not sure, ask your family, friends and teachers what they see in you, keep in mind if you can’t find out right now what your purpose is than still make a decision on what it is for you right now.


  1. Believe

    Thoughts and faith are creative, without believing that you can create success wholeheartedly, it will be very difficult for you to become what you want the most. Your mental attitude will determine if you accomplish your goals. “Fear and faith are both things which require you to believe in something you cannot see, you choose”.


  2. Live up to your potential

    Have you ever had a moment when everything was flowing? When you felt you are on fire and things fell into place magically? These are the moments when you live up to your full potential, were everything becomes effortless. Believing in yourself does that. When you believe you can, you will raise above all obstacles, problems become challenges, frustration turns into burning desire, you are simply unstoppable.

    Discipline your mind, become concisely aware of your thoughts and emotions, as they are the foundation of your inner peace and harmony. Only than you can live up to your full potential.


  3. Plan it out

    Thoughts, words and emotions are all creative entities, but nothing is more powerful than writing your dreams down as detailed as possible. It is as if you see them manifest in front of you by reading them over and over again, imagine them as they would be already in your life, feel them as your reality with absolute certainty. Planning will give you a clear roadmap of where you want to go, enable you to set mile stones and take intelligent action.


  4. Take massive action

    This is the last point in creating success and it should be the most enjoyable and effortless part of the creation process.

    Remember that for everything you desire to have, you must first give something in return. Let’s just assume you want a cup of coffee, you have two choices. You either buy one at a coffee shop and pay for it (exchange of energy) or you buy a coffee machine, put water, electricity, the filter and the coffee, start the device and wait until the coffee comes out. In both situations you have taken an action to get what you wanted, the same applies to your success.

    If you are clear about what you want and you have done the first steps to move towards it, than doors will open. Run through them at full speed, do not hesitate and trust your instincts that what you do will excel you. Oftentimes we are taking action on things, which seem difficult to do, but we see them as a necessity. This is the wrong kind of action and will just create frustration and disbelieve. The action you take should be effortless and pleasurable, time flies by and you could do it all day long!

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