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Motivation, coaching and mentoring is the constant companion of the business owner. You can read and study in success literature again and again that the most successful people have certain characteristics and believes which motivate them to always move forward.  

Naturally this does not happen overnight, but what this article is for, is that you understand the necessity of looking into finding a coach and why.

Motivation does not last, neither does bathing. Thats why we recommend it dayly.    Zig Ziglar

Oftentimes as business owners we get so involved in building our business, administer it, manage it, account for it and eventually run it, that at a certain point we do not find any more time to actually increase and expand the business.

In other words we work in our business, but not on our business. I guarantee that sooner or later even though you are successful, you will run out of time if you are involved in everything.

That is likely the time when you feel a certain frustration and start to rethink part of your company structure.

The goal of coaching and mentoring is therefore to free up your time, analyze exactly which task are productive to do for you and which ones must be delegated.

The key word is delegation and you must master it early on if you want to continuously grow your company.

Ask yourself how can you increase the productivity of your employees, which task can be outsourced and which systems can be built to simplify and work effectively.

If you personally keep your involvement in running the company to management decisions, then you have now freed up time to think about expansion and increase of revenue.

Of course once you grow you need to repeat the analyses again, adjust and proceed.

Another important part in the field of coaching is motivation. I mentioned in an earlier article how much I believe that your success is depending to 80% on your ability to overcome adversity in your everyday business and personal life.

An experienced coach knows that, probably from their own background as business owners and can help you to mentally adjust, dealing with stresses and frustrations as well as the occurring problems of the daily business activities.

Let’s go a bit deeper into this part as I see people struggle with this field a lot, even to identify where this is all coming from.

Every person has established a certain beliefe system in their life, depending on what they decided to accept as the truth from their parents and teachers. We call that social conditioning and since we are all different we also experience our individual world differently.

The way I look at things and the way my beliefe system operates does not necessarily concur with yours or any other person on this planet. Life therefore is perception and it does create conflict and frustrations if things happening around us are not in harmony with how we beliefe they should be.

In other words we feel we lose control and that does create anxiety. Now to overcome that problem you need to understand once and for all that you actually have no control about any other person or event happening around you.

The only thing you can truly control is your thoughts and the meaning you give to events that’s it. In this reference there is a famous saying from Henry Ford, keep this in mind. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right”

You see motivation, coaching and mentoring goes deep into the soul of every business men, at a certain point we all need it, particularly if we feel stuck and can’t find a way out of the current unpleasant situation.

Look at it like this, as children we go to school, we discover our interest and talents, we learn from our mentors and teachers. We might want to shape our body and we learn from an experienced coach how to do that.

We want to lose weight and live a healthier life style; we of course are coached by an expert nutritionist and so on. The same applies to business, at a certain point an outside person who has gone the path you want to go on, can guide you through it, without the experience of trial and error.

For everyone who wants not only to improve their business, but also personal life, motivation, coaching and mentoring will be essential  to learn, understand and adapt a broader vision of how life is designed.


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