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When we do a small business consulting analyses for one of our clients, we often look at the amount of existing customers, the lead generation, the conversion rates and profit margins. At the end of the day, business and the success thereof is a simple mathematical formula. It all comes down to numbers.

If your business needs to increase the amount of income, you need to find out where exactly your Marketing techniquesnumbers are incorrect and discover what you need to do to make adjustments. For example if you generate a lot of leads, but the system in place for follow up and converting these leads into income is not giving you the proper results, you could establish a tighter policy on how leads are handled. The time frame to respond initially, the follow up and closing techniques. It’s that simple.

Respectively if you only handle a small amount of leads, but you convert them well, just increase your efforts to produce more prospective clients. Maybe you also need to reevaluate your profit margins, take a look at expenses and where you could cut some to make adjustments to your pricing structure. Sometimes a few dollars can make the difference between people pouring in or staying away. Particularly in today’s economy people are looking for the best value for their buck.

One of the queries we have in our analyses questionnaire is how leads are generated. I am always surprised that many give answers like “we have a website”, “we place adds in local newspapers” “we have email list”. While this is the typical approach attempting to get some new customers, it will not produce an unlimited amount of them. Some of these techniques are passive, meaning these are suspects, not prospects. Let’s define that for a second. A suspect is everybody who might potentially be interested in my product or service. A prospect is someone where I already know the interest is there. So who do you think I market to?

I want to make sure that I market to a person who has already made a desission to buy what I am trying to sell. Getting clients is actually not so difficult. Once you have established that there is a market for your items, you just focus on your particular target group.


  1. Your Website

Optimize your websiteA website is a must in today’s business world. There are more people out there searching for information on the internet than ever. However, are people finding your site with the search words (key words) they are using to describe your product or service? People are looking for information, these are prospects, because they already know what they want, it is just a question how you will get them to buy from you.


  1. Search engine optimization, it’s a must that you use key words and have your site optimized so your prospects can find you. 70% of all search traffic worldwide goes over Google, even though you will have competition, concentrate on a strategy from the beginning to optimize your organic position. It takes a bit of effort, but its free.
  1. Once your website is being found, do you have tools on your page which engage the customer to browse through it? Do you describe exactly what you have to offer, inclusive pricing and an easy way to contact you? Do you have a lead capture form on your page were you can have people sign up for something you give away for free? A newsletter, an eBook in exchange for their name and email address? People love gifts. Remember you want to get this prospect who is already looking for your stuff and you want to convert him from a lead into a paying customer. This requires that you need to know who he is and have his information to follow up.
  1. Do you have reviews and comments from prior customers on your website? People love to read about how great the product is which they are potentially buying.
  1. Do you have social media logos on your page where clients can follow your updates on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. The search engines nowadays measure the “engagement” you have with a person visiting your side, they want to see the amount of time spent, the amount of times they return and the communication you have with them through social media. This all will influence your sites ranking. The more the better. The second important part of your page is that you need to have a blog on it, fresh content is key, give information, write updates and articles about your company.


  1. Social Media

    As indicated above, social media is very important for your company, you can easily built an audience “followers”. Again these are prospects already; they are following you by your invitation, meaning they are interested to get updates on your offers. Additionally they can like, comment and share your post with their own network which explodes your own reach. Create accounts for

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Stumble upon
  4. Pinetrest
  5. Linkedin
  6. Reddit
  7. Google plus

Do not use your private accounts, your friends are not necessarily the target group for your selling efforts. The good thing about social media is that people can choose if they want to follow you. They can find your category, you can invite them and connecting is free of choice.


  1. eMail campaign!

    The same applies here than to any other internet medium. Do not spam. Don’t you just hate the fact that out of 100 emails there is only one really important? Imagine the time you spent just deleting all the junk coming into our inboxes.

    attract clients through emailThat is the same way any other person feels and you want to avoid that you make someone upset with something they do not want to receive. Have an opt in page and only send your campaign to people which have indicated they actually interested in reading and not just deleting your email. Marketing takes some time, business is still based upon trust and relationships, you want to respect your clients, tread them like friends and make them feel good about buying from you.

    Marketing is not about making the most money, but about creating a good perception about your company and product. People buy more likely from than they would from, even though they might see a better price. They want to make sure they get the product from a trustworthy source.


  1. Be consistent with your brand

    As previously mentioned, people buy from companies they trust and that trust is established by entering into a relationship with you and your brand. Business cards, letter head, email signature, banners, logos, signs. Put your brand everywhere and make sure you add it to all your marketing material. People like consistency, everything steady is good for them, it builds credibility and trust. Marketing your brand will also make sure you become known as an expert.


  1. Networking

    It is still true, nothing works better than word of mouth, particularly if you are in a local market. Networking is essential for you to spread the word and make contacts not to necessarily sell, but to get referrals. Again people who know people equals trustworthiness, if you come recommended by a trusted source you have half the work towards a sale completed.


  1. Have great customer service

    I never get it. Did it ever happen to you that you went to a restaurant and you were dissatisfied with the service? Maybe the food came out cold or undercooked, the drinks never came, but you got charged for it regardless, perhaps you even found a bug in your salad? I asked because it happened to me in similar situations with different companies.

    How many positive experiences did you have with a manager trying to resolve the issue? None?  I would teach them if I knew it would help, but instead I pay, leave and never come back to that restaurant. Additionally I tell at least ten of my friends about it, which they won’t go there anymore and they tell 2-3 others and so on, at the end the restaurant has lost 40 to 50 potential customers, because the manager did not see the possibility of making me happy. I am not talking about the constant complainers, but about a rightful complaint for a lack of service and quality.

    If I train my managers well, I can use great customer service to gain hundreds of clients and that just for a free salad and some free drinks. What works in the negative also works in the positive. If you have a customer service representative or manager who listens to your concerns and finds a way to make it up to you, you will tell everyone you know, because it is such a rare experience. Be nice, it is a commodity which comes for free and will open many doors to new and repetitive income.


  1. Give back to the community

    Another great way to attract clients and gain trust is to get involved in charities and your local community.  Regardless of what you are selling in your company, make it about the people first. Be humbled and tread people well, gain respect by giving back.


  1. TV and Radio advertising

    client attraction technicsThis used to be very expensive, but you can buy screen time or time for radio advertising already to very affordable prices. I had a client who sold discount mattresses and bought a 30 second slot on a local TV channel in less than 20 seconds after the clip he got calls pouring in like crazy. Just imagine the amount of people you can reach even though they might not look for what you sell right now. They are watching TV and they see your commercial, it creates desire and they do not want to miss the great promotion you are running right now. Marketing is perception and it is about creating a need in the mind of your customers which they otherwise miss out on.

    The same applies to radio stations; you can utilize 20-30 seconds at a local or national radio show, maybe early in the morning when people are driving in the car. The amount of people you can reach is tremendous and at the same time people listen to their trusted radio show or watch their favorite TV channel, equaling instant trust


  2. Word of mouth

Still a classic and still one of the best advertising media out there. One satisfied customer tells their family and friends and so on. An unlimited amount of potential customers are produced like this. Network Marketing works like that. However the problem with MLM is that a lot of people who are getting into it to make a quick buck go and talk to their family and friends. They do not know how to market and they never learned it in the first place. This is the wrong kind of marketing, you do not want to sell something to somebody they do not need or want in the first place.

You want to accomplish that people ask about your product because they heard from a trusted source how great it is, only than word of mouth goes around like a wild fire. Work on building a reputation with a superior and ever improving product or service. Once it is known and has gained its market share, customers will follow automatically.

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