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You do not have to have a PHD in Psychology in order to understand that everything in life falls under the rule of your state of mind. If I talk about business psychology, than I could also say common business sense, however some just seem to have it and for others the expression might be completely strange and has no meaning.

Everything you do, regardless if it is in your private environment or in your business is determined by your personal social conditioning, your upbringing and believe system. This already starts when you are still in your pampers, until you are 18 years old you hear the word “No” more than twenty thousand times. You probably never thought about it, but it is scientifically proven.

Business Psychology

Our parents, teachers, idols and mentors are the ones who do the best to their abilities to teach us what they think is right at that given time. That does not mean they want to hold us back in any way, but it means that in most cases they limit us as to what is possible in life.

If you go back and think about the time when you were growing up you can quickly recognize the difference. Have you always been stimulated to try new things? Have you been able to find and follow your dreams? Has your environment recognized and encouraged you to advance? Chances are that you have developed confidence in your abilities to make decisions and move forward.

On the other hand have you been overly protected to keep away from harm? Have you been told you can’t do that? Have people told you life is hard? That money is difficult to earn. That it is too much risk to try certain things? Probabilities are that you lack confidence, that it is hard for you not to feel fear, that decisions are made slowly or not at all and that you find a way to avoid problems in your live by withdrawing from difficulties.

No matter where you recognize yourself, if you are in business for yourself your inner communication, your mindset and believe system will determine your accomplishments. Your personal business psychology determines to eighty percent if you will become successful or if you fail. Amongst all your virtues and weaknesses as a business person, your mindset is the most important.

If you do not know anything about business, but have a dream and passion, than you will find a way to meet the right people and circumstances to fulfill your destiny. On the contrary you can have two master degrees and a PhD, be the absolute expert in your field, but you remain flat broke.

Why do you think it is that when they are two people with the same circumstances, education, physical appearance, same everything, one becomes immensely successful and the other just struggles? Luck? Nope certainly not. The answer is actually very simple, it lies in the way you think and communicate with yourself. While the successful person has the same challenges, the same obstacles and the same circumstances, he / she remains in a state of no matter what happens  there will be a way to solve, push, run through, circumvent or otherwise to achieve success. Verses the struggling person consistently lives in fear of losing, failure and remaining in a state that things might go wrong.

We cannot influence the outcome of anything. We cannot influence other people or circumstances. The only thing we have 100% power over is our thoughts and the meaning we give to events. Think about it. Ninety percent of the time things are only as bad or as good as the meaning you give to them, period. The remaining ten percent just happens. We are all in charge of our individual attitude, you choose.

Business psychology is exactly that, see things as they are, not better or worse. Know that “shit will happen” and at the same time stay positive in your thought pattern. Have an attitude of a winner, master you inner communication and you already succeeded on so many levels.

Learning how to think correctly and to control your emotions requires as much discipline and perseverance than any other skill you want to acquire. If you desire to lose weight, you must learn how first and follow through on an exercise plan and healthy food intake. In order to achieve the desired results you have to remain disciplined and persistent until you master the wanted results.

The same applies to your thoughts. It does not mean you have to monitor how you think every second of the day, but become aware of the way you react to events and circumstances, stop for a moment and think concisely about were your thoughts are going. Are you getting angry or frustrated? Or do you stay calm no matter what? Find the answer for yourself and adjust if necessary it will not only help you in business but also in your personal life.

“What a men thinks about he becomes about”
                                                                        Wallace Wattles

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