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Have you ever encountered someone who is just a smooth talker? Someone who enters the room and just has a presence that all eyes moving towards him / her? A person who has such a charisma that others are automatically drawn? A person who has such authority that automatic respect is given without even knowing? Communication is an art, some have it naturally, some are scared to death if it even comes to open their mouth and speak in front of others.

business language and communicationIn business it is very important to choose the right language, no matter if you talk to an employee, client, partner or else. A Basic rule for the language you use is that you can catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Meaning, be friendly, stay your path of communication, even though someone may attack you, do not lose your posture, once you do, the other person has gained control over you.

Everybody can learn how to use the right language. At the end of the day we need to keep in mind what is it what we want to accomplish in our business? We want that people do what we suggest them doing, we want to influence people and win friends, establish trust and long term relationships which creates repetitive income from the same source as well as referral income. The way to attract people through communication can therefore not be underestimated. Use the following to create your own strategy of using language to your advantage. Do not only do it because it works and brings you rewards, but make it a habit because it will serve you, others and the greater good.


  1. You cannot not communicate

    It is not possible not to communicate. Once you have a counterpart in front of you or are in the same room with another person. Even though you do not open your mouth, your body has it’s own language. Sometimes we do not even notice how we use it, because we do it subconsciously. We cross our legs or arms, we smile or we look seriously, we give out a certain energy which can be detected by the other person. Once we become aware of what we do, we can influence our gestures purposely, be inviting, open, honest and put everybody you encounter at an ease position. We all know that under the term “breaking the ice” make it a habit to make people feel welcome in your presence, all it takes is a big smile!


  2. You cannot win an argument

    Arguments are for people which have a high need for satisfying their ego. Stay with your inner peace and do not allow others to affect your moot, know that once you react emotionally the other person has gained control over you. You cannot win an argument, even if you think you made your point, you will lose, as at least you will fail to maintain a good relationship with that person. The minimum they think is that they get you back the next time. You do not want to create negativity against you, but rather win friends and influence people in a way that you get from them what you want. This is not in any way meant to manipulate the other person, everybody has a free will. You are just using your communication skills to let them make a decision in both of your favor and at the same time you gain trust, respect and a friend who will continue doing business with you.


  3. Listen first before you start speaking

    Even though you may initiate the conversation, ask subtle questions. You do not know what kind of day your counterpart may have had, if they are distracted or in an emotional state. Most people appreciate a short phase of unwinding before they get in to details about business. Listen well and at the same time study their body language. Mirror the other person’s physical language. By matching their own body language you will gain trust without them even noticing. Once you have found out about the persons agenda, see if it equals your own, if not look for an alternative third possibility which you both can accept. Remember you always want to part on good terms.


  4. Speak thoughtfully

    Oftentimes it happens that we just start talking based upon a triggered reaction. We do not really think it through and might say something we regret later. This frequently happens if we get in to an emotional state and unleash our wrath upon the other. We all have been in these situations, it is hard to go back later on and apologize. We either do not realize it in the first place, or rather ignore the fact that we did a mistake.

    It is therefore much easier to monitor your though process and notice what triggers your anger. You can than stop for a moment, think and respond in a calmer way. People respect people if they seem under better control than themselves, additionally they will be much cooler as well, trying to match or impress you with the same behavior. Not only is the conversation much more productive like this, but also will you maintain a good relationship which is based upon mutual respect.


  5. Never be judgmental or talk bad about a third person

    There are these annoying people around who just know everything about anything and anybody. The newest gossip, the latest rumors and horror stories. The problem is, most likely it is not the truth. People like that have the tendency to create their own reality about a story they heard and make it their truth. It becomes a fact for them, even though there is no accurate base for it. This is therefore slandering, badmouthing and stereotyping. It causes a lot of confusion and doubt.

    If you encounter someone like this, make it a habit to ignore it or just speak in the highest regards about that person. As long as you do not know the facts, do not believe everything you hear. If you do you will lose credibility.


  6. Speak the truth

    “Always speak the truth over popularity” (Abraham Lincoln). If you want that people trust you, than one of the best ways to accomplish that is to stay true to yourself. Speak the truth, even if it feels uncomfortable at times. Only make your comments and what you speak about based upon facts. Question what people say, particularly if it is about a third person. You can easily help to stop slandering immediately by asking “And what factual proof do you have to underline the accusations you just did”? It causes people to stop and think; likely they won’t have an answer and will think twice before they gossip the next time.


  7. Appreciate, Reassure and Encourage people

    A simple way of making friends, gain respect and trust is if you are generous with praise. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to be a leader. People around you look for guidance, appreciation, reassurance and encouragement. Being friendly does not cost you a dime, but will gain you a lot. People are like capital, built them up and they will go through fire for you. Create great relationships through the utilization of your communication skills, smile a lot give out this charming, attractive energy and people will be at your service.


  8. Be part of the solution and not the problem

    People tend to create drama where there is none. Avoid to get sucked into situations where nonproductive conversations take root. Never become a part of somebody else’s problem or your own for that matter. Be a solution provider, train people to think about a solution and not to over debate a problem. Challenges are there for us to grow. Take them on, learn from them, but don’t get lost along the way. Create a communicative culture around you which encourages people to think for themselves, suggest solutions and be productive.


  9. Speak with confidence

Whenever you speak, let no doubt that what you say comes from a base of absolute certainty and knowing. Animals are very good at sensing fear. In the human world you will encounter shark like business people and they will smell your insecurities from a mile away. Do whatever it takes to maintain your posture, fake it until you make it if necessary. Keep eye contact have a winning smile, a straight forward and strong hand shake, leave no room for weaknesses.

This point particularly applies if you are in negotiations where there is a lot of pulling back and forth. People cannot read your mind, they do not know about your position; they can just assume based upon their immediate impression and evaluation. Rockefeller was an inch away from bankruptcy, but negotiated a deal with the rail road to transport his oil for a bargain price. He did not even know the amount of oil he could produce to fill up the trains, but he communicated with a certainty that he could, that this deal became the groundwork of his empire.


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