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Never forget that being in business for yourself is about exchanging professional services or products with other people, not money!

Business ethics is a big topic nowadays. I was told by my grandfather that there were times when honor and integrity of a man were worth more than any fortune. Deals were made by handshake and it was a question of principle that trade was conducted in an honorable way.

Today you enter into a contract and it takes weeks before every detail is negotiated, of course not that we as business owners understand every detail of the legal document, but we need to trust our attorneys that the contract is fair and square. At the end if there is a misunderstanding and an opening to attack we get sued or sue the other. What is that good for? This can take out all the fun of being in business for yourself. Who wants to get sued in the first place?

Over time I have learned that the law has a lot to do withBusiness Ethics your ability to poker and your capability to read people. Basically every contract is only as good as the man behind it. Law suet’s are expensive so the best way to stay out of trouble is to prevent and protect yourself from it.

Don’t do unto others what you don’t like others do to you! What you give out comes back! What goes around comes around! Simple statements, extremely powerful. Everybody knows them and the word would be easier if everyone would live by some simple rules and yet every day we can read about corruption, dishonesty, betrayal, conspiracy and even murder! You can find these things on all levels, big or small, there are no limits.

Business ethics therefore are an unwritten set of laws conducting your business and yourself in a manner that you do not do harm to others. This requires that you come from a point of non- judgment and shred off some layers of your ego. Life is not about being right it is about attracting people and circumstances which benefit your ultimate dreams and goals.

As an entrepreneur, you will have people around you who criticize you, mock you, point fingers at you, judge you and talk bad about you. This gives a lot of reason to fight and sue and argue, but none of this will ever give you happiness. Simply stay away from the nay-sayers, keep a humbled approach to your personality and the way you conduct your business. Have an intelligence of common sense, think before you act, do not give into anger, hate frustration, resentment and any other negative emotion, it will just lead you to the “dark side of the force”.

Being ethical in business does not require you to monitor your actions consistently, just do not prostitute yourself for the outcome and you will always do the veracious thing automatically. Money comes from expected and unexpected sources, ones you learn to detach from the outcome of having it.


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